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Lead Designer Says Starcraft II “In the Final Stretch”

Lead designer of Starcraft II tells eager fans to hold their horses…for just a little longer. “When we know a date (for anything) for certain, we’ll let you know,” said lead designer Dustin Browder. “Hang in there. We’re in the final stretch.” When further pressed

Intel cuts prices of some processors: Report (Reuters)

(Reuters) – Intel, the world’s largest chip maker, has cut the price of some processors by as much as 48 percent as it confronts slumping demand and new lower-cost chips from Advanced Micro Devices Inc, Bloomberg reported. The price of Celeron 570 processors, designed for

European Union Says Video Games Good for Children

A report by the European Union goes against the crowd in its recent report and states that video games can actually be good for children. The European Parliament Committee found a number of benefits and no link to definitive violent behavior in its study. The

PS3 will be $299 in April, analysts say

Could the days of the $400 Playstation 3 be numbered? So says financial analyst Michael Pachter, who predicted this week that Sony will trim the price of its cheapest Playstation 3 pack to a “more affordable” $299 in April, and that an Xbox 360 price

Total Access to Gain Video Games

Blockbusters "Total Access" gains video games to compete directly with Netflix’s Gamefly. They will do a test run of the program with a select group of Total Access subscribers in 2Q, and make it available publicly by the end of the year. The pilot program

Sims 3 Will Come to Mac, iPhone

EA (Electronic Arts) has announced that Sims 3 will be released June 2, 2009 on multiple platforms including for Mac and the iPhone. Sims 3 has a myriad of new features, including the ability to create any Sims imaginable with new unlimited customization, new complex personality