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Starcraft II Multiplayer Closed Beta Now Open

It was revealed earlier this month that the Starcraft II closed beta would begin, and begin it has! Invitation codes were sent out to approved applicants for this highly anticipated beta which could be redeemed as early as yesterday. The beta is only open to

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Blizzard Battle Chests Bargain at Amazon Today Only

Today and today only (what’s left of it) you can get a bargain on your favorite Blizzard game Battle Chest. Starcraft, Diablo, and Warcraft III Battle Chests are Amazon’s Video Game(s) Deal of the Day. If your old copies have disappeared or you’ve never picked

Diablo III Gets Monk Class

Diablo 3 got little attention at Blizzcon with upcoming WoW Cataclysm and Starcraft II taking the spotlight, but it was far from forgotten. Blizzcon 09 revealed to us the Monk. As with Blizzards usual style, it is unknown when this third chapter to the Diablo

New Revealed

Blizzard revealed the newly made-over at Blizzcon 09. The current still hosts more players than World of Warcraft (with at 12 million and WoW at 11.5 million). The biggest addition to the new is the introduction of Real ID which allows

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Former Diablo Designer to Head Marvel Universe

Gazillion Entertainment, bound and determined to get a Marvel MMORPG off the ground, has appointed former Blizzard North American President and Diablo designer David Brevik as the new studio director of Gargantuan (team working on Marvel Universe). "I’m a huge fan of comic books, superheroes,