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CS Wall Hack Nearly Costs Chinese Gamer His Life

A fight at a Chinese internet cafe over a suspected wall hack nearly cost one teenage Counter-Strike player his life. An argument erupted between two players when one accused a 17 year old of using a wall hack, which allows the player to see through

Chinese Gamers Shut Down Relaunch of Hot-Blooded Legend

Hot Blooded Legend is a classic game in China.  Gamers rejoiced (initially) when publishers released a nostalgia edition last week, but were disappointed to find that the re-released game was completely commercialized and lacked the “flavor” of the original game. In protest, players stood together

China Limits Gold Farming in Continued Internet Crackdown

The Chinese government has declared that virtual currency will only be allowed to be traded for virtual goods/services, not real ones. They estimate that last year the trade of virtual currency exceeded several billion yuan (about $146 million) and would be expected to grow 20%