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Chinese Gamers Shut Down Relaunch of Hot-Blooded Legend

Hot Blooded Legend is a classic game in China.  Gamers rejoiced (initially) when publishers released a nostalgia edition last week, but were disappointed to find that the re-released game was completely commercialized and lacked the “flavor” of the original game. In protest, players stood together and blocked entrance to the gate in the game. Public statements were made such as:

“Gimme back my Legend, gimme back my Legend, gimme back my Legend, gimme back my Legend”
“Protest Protest We’ve been cheated Protest Protest We’ve been cheated”
“Is this the 2002 Legend? Isn’t is supposed to be ‘original flavor’? They are deceiving the players. Gimme back my Legend, I will block to my death”

Years ago, Hot Blooded Legend had been one of the most popular games in China. Original Hot Blooded Legend players had since dispursed as they grew up, new games came out, and this one fell to the history books. Many players felt a rush of emotions when it was announced that this beloved game was being re-released. Weeks and days before the re-launch, details emerged with screenshots and information that greatly displeased the old Legend gamers. They found that class restrictions and commercial stores now ruled the game.The game had been advertised as keeping its “original flavor”, but gamers felt the advertising was false and that the relaunch was just to play on their emotions and get them to spend money. Gamers banded together and founded forums and QQ groups to organize protest of the blasphemy of their beloved game.

The game was opened at 2 p.m. on August 28th, 2009. 40 players blocked one entrance to the city. Two hours later several thousand had joined the protest and were blocking entrance gates to the city. Players logged onto to the QQ chat and uploaded screenshots and updates.

Game officials later retaliated by booting players from chat, and transporting characters away from the city. Fatigued players eventually gave up and left. Many which have resigned themselves to the fact that they will never play their beloved game again.