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Netflix Contemplating Jump to Nintendo DS

Netflix is on a roll lately, securing its streaming service on the Playstation 3, and upcoming service for the Nintendo Wii, on top of its availability on the Xbox 360 and Internet TV’s. What could possibly be next for Netflix now that they’ve conquered every

Paging Dr. House to PC, DS

Gregory House will be making calls to PC and Nintendo DS this Spring in Legacy Interactive’s medically-themed puzzle game, House M.D. The game will have 100+ varieties of mind-bending puzzles and medically-themed mini-games. House will be joined by our favorite employees of his; Thirteen, Taub,

Japan to Get New Nintendo DSi LL, Europe Gets DSi XL

Nintendo updated their official Japanese website to announce that Japan would be seeing a new Nintendo DSi in November. The newest of Nintendo’s handheld systems has been dubbed the Nintendo DSi LL, and will feature a larger screen and longer battery life. Available on November

Nintendo Worlds Best Company 2009

BusinessWeek named Nintendo as the world’s best company, beating out giants such as Apple and Google. Nintendo earned its honors from compiled information by management consulting firm, A.T. Kearney, based on traits such as commitment to innovation, diversified portfolios, aggressive expansion, strong leadership, and a

Wii Accessories, DSi, Get New Holiday Colors

Nintendo announced the Wii remote will be available in black for the holiday season. The DSi will also be getting two new colors, white, and hot pink, here in America. The Wiimote, nunchuk and new Motionplug accessory will all be available in black this Fall.

Spore Hero and Hero Arena Due Out Fall 2009

Spore Hero for Wii and Spore Hero Arena for DS will be released October 6, 2009 in North American and October 9th internationally. Spore Hero will be an action/adventure type game where Spore Hero Arena (as you guessed) is centered around combat. According to the

Economy Takes its Toll on Sony and Nintendo

There’s one bright spot in the Sony lineup and it’s the Playstation 2. In Sony’s first quarter results, the Playstation 2 sales rose from 1.5 million to 1.6 million. The PS3 suffered a drop from from 1.6 million in 2008 to 1.1 million this year.