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HyTek Gamer 2009 – A Year in Review

As you may know, HyTek Gamer was founded in late 2008. Over the past year we have seen growth and change in our own site as well as in the world of gaming. HyTek Gamer is fundamentally a two-man operation with many others helping and

Last Day for Steam HALF-LIFE Weekend Deals

Now’s your chance to fill in the missing pieces to your Half-Life collection. Steam is offering the Half-Life Collection with a massive discount. You’re able to purchase the games individually or the complete collection for $16.99.Details on pricing on individual games can be found below,

Valve Turns Video Gamers Into…Investors?

Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve, is taking an interest into turning gamers into investors. The investment would be Valve games they want to see in the future. Currently gamers tend to get some say in the actual game, but not which games they get to

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Android Apps for Every Day Life

The Android Market has a huge assortment of apps to make your every day life easier. From all of your entertainment and shopping needs, to apps that just make your life easier like a places directory or recipe app. All of the apps listed below