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Android Apps for Every Day Life

The Android Market has a huge assortment of apps to make your every day life easier. From all of your entertainment and shopping needs, to apps that just make your life easier like a places directory or recipe app. All of the apps listed below are FREE.




TV-Guide USA – Enter in the zip code and select the cable provider to see the TV Guide list! I found this especially useful in a hotel out of town without a channel listing, or a guide channel.


v1.2.6 by Jersey Productions, 590.2 KB

Movies – This a Flixster app that also coordinates with Netflix accounts. You can view Box Office, what’s opening this week and top movies, location-dependent Theaters and the movies they’re showing, Upcoming movies and their release dates, DVD new releases and coming soon, and save movies to your Netflix Queue, movies you want to see, movies you’ve rated, friend ratings. You can read information on movies, see trailers, and their Rotten Tomato score.

v2.7 by Flixster, 1021.7 KB

Pandora – Pandora radio takes your favorite songs and builds a station with other songs it thinks you will like.



v1.2.1 by Pandora, 644.8 KB

Shazam – “OMG what IS this song?” Shazam listens to recorded songs and identifies them. (You can’t sing into it and have it recognize the song). You can save the tags as well. It doesn’t work well if you’re trying to identify songs on TV shows or movies, if there’s talking over the music it’ll say it cannot find the song. It’s simple to operate, simply open and select “Tag Now” to listen to the song. View the “My Tags” option to see what songs you’ve identified in the past. When you select one of your tags it will tell you the song name, the artist, any subtitles, the album it’s on, the record label and the date you tagged the song on. You can also scroll down to choose to “View the Artist’s MySpace Page” (if they have one), “Search Amazon MP3” to download the song or “Search YouTube” for videos. Once on the Tag Details page you can swipe side to side to scroll through your other Tags.

v1.3 by Shazam, 296.0 KB


Live Scores – You can set live scores to any of the major sports. I found it especially useful monitoring football games for other teams. You can choose multiple sports: MLB, NFL, NCAAFB, NBA, NCAABB and NHL. You can also view Standings and News.


v1.3 by Sportacular, 949.8 KB



WootWatcher – Shows you daily what is on Woot, Shirt.Woot, Sellout.Woot, Wine.Woot and Kids.Woot. It will also give you messages when a new item is listed. You can edit the types of notifications, specific ringtones or vibrate, select Woot Off notifications, and select Notification Colors (not available on all devices).


v1.009 by Ben Tobin, 98.6 KB

Pkt Auctions eBay – Keeps track of all of your eBay auctions and sends notifications when one is about to end, and also lets you search eBay.


v2.08 by Bonfire Media, 1.2 MB

Discount Calculator – An easy to use discount calculator for when you’re trying to figure out if you can afford that sweet sweater with your 30% off coupon. Simply input the price and the discount % and hit calculate.



v1.0.5 by Pablo Verd Gallego, 16.0 KB

Food, Drinks, & Fitness

BigOven – Recipes galore! You can create a free account and save recipes, which you can access on your phone and on the internet. Search recipes using the search function or by food type.  Use the Random Recipe function if you’re feeling experimental
10001 Cocktails – Scour the drink list A to Z, Browse by drink type, or Search for your favorites. You can save your favorites and write reviews for the drinks you find.

v4.2 by Red Droid Software, 173.9KB


OI Shopping List – Organize yours shopping list, add prices and it will total up how much your shopping trip will cost you. An easy check system lets you deselect things from your list that you’ve already gotten.



v1.2.1 by Open Intents, 261.1KB

Ease of Use

Ultrachron Lite – For all your stopwatch needs. Can also be used as a timer.

v1.7.2 by The Spinning Head, 447.8KB

Bluetooth – An easy toggle on/off widget for Bluetooth. This saves you the hassle of having to go into the Bluetooth menu under Settings.
Barcode Scanner – For downloading information from QR codes. If it’s an Android app it will bring up the download screen.

v3.21 by ZXing Team, 361.9KB


Jewels – A free version of the Bejeweled game. Keeps tracks of high scores, and lets you play in Normal Mode, Timed Mode and Infinite Mode. You can also save games to resume at a later time.



v1.19 by MH Games, 1022.7 KB


Places Directory – Location-dependent search for attractions, banks, bars, coffee, gas stations, hotels, medical, movie theaters, parking, restuarants, and taxis. A handy search bar lets you search for specific places (ex. McDonald’s)

v1.0.20 by Google Places Directory Team, 429.9KB

Kids Entertainment

Kids Paint – Very basic touchscreen paint. The color changes when contact with the screen is broken. Great for kids just to doodle.

v2.1 by Virtual GS, 51.3KB

Random Cool Stuff

Google Sky Map – a map of stars, constellations, and planets. Hold the phone up and move it around to figure out what’s what in the sky. You can adjust the settings to show Sky Gradient, Stars, Constellations, Messier Objects, Planets, RA/Dec Grid, Horizon, and Planet Images. You can also set it to always use GPS, to set a location manually and to Use magnetic correction. Toggle night mode to make everything on the map red. It also comes with the Sky Map Hubble Gallery which has pictures taken by the Hubble telescope of planets and formations. When you select a picture from the Sky Map Hubble gallery you can choose to locate that particular image object in the sky. It would be neat to save directly from the gallery to use some of these amazing pictures as a phone background, but that doesn’t appear to be a feature. You can also search for your favorite star, constellation, planet, etc using the “Search” feature.

v1.4 by Google, 432.2 KB

Pandora – This Pandora app allows you to take photos and videos from your phone’s gallery and make them private. They are hidden and password protected! A password is required to log in and from there you can select Photo Manager, Video Manager, and there’s even a feature to report bugs which will collect data from your device log. If you open your photo manager you will see options for Public Photo and Private Photo. If there’s a picture in your Public Photo you’d like to make private, simply touch select it to “Hide Photo as Private”, “View Photo” or “Delete Photo”. Select the Private Photo option to see what’s all hiding on your phone. Videos work the same! You can also change your password after logging in

v1.2 by since2006, 115.2KB