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TF2 ‘War’ Coming to an End

Team Fortress 2’s ‘War’ is coming to an end. ‘War’ is a an upcoming update to the game which is granted to the soldier and demoman, with one of the two classes getting a special weapon based on the highest number of kills of the

iPhone Bejeweled 2 Gets Blitz Update

PopCap’s iPhone game Bejeweled 2 will be getting a feature that many people have enjoyed on Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook: the ability to compete against friends in a Bejeweled Blitz! Players have one minute to rack up as many points as they can for bragging

4.2 System Update Kills Wiis

If you haven’t updated your Wii yet, you probably shouldn’t. Nintendo Wii’s 4.2 sytem update is proving to be nothing but trouble, from updates freezing, to completely bricked consoles. Users may see an error saying their Wii has been modified followed by the Wii failing

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TF2 Classless Update Day 3

For those of you who haven’t heard yet (the update is a day late due to technical difficulties) the Day 3 announcement for the Classless update included more maps! Arena Sawmill will be revamped in the update to be their third official Capture the Flag

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Dawn of War II “There is Only War” Update Today

Dawn of War II’s largest update “There is Only War” is available today. The update will add eight new maps, changes to balance in the game, and an “observer” mode for match spectating. Lengthy release notes can be found here: