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A2M, 505 Introduce Naughty Bear

A2M and 505 Productions would like you to meet someone. Naughty Bear is tired of being blamed for everything that goes wrong on the Island of Perfection. The poor bear snaps when he isn’t invited to the Big Birthday Party, and arms himself with torturous means and swears revenge.

Naughty Bear will be a violent action game with the intent to scare, irritate, and hurt other bears in order to rack up “Naughty Points”. Players can pick up various weapons throughout the games 30 stages, and will receive more Naughty Points based on “deviant and maniacal” tactics. Along with multiplayer, “hidden party items” that entice players to “find all the locked away fun”are also promised.

Naughty Bear is expected in Q2 2010 for Xbox 360 and PS3.