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Batman: Arkham Asylum PS3 Sales Beat Xbox 360

It seems exclusive content really might win the race. Batman: Arkham Asylum, released in August, has sold 10,000 more units for PS3 than Xbox 360. Most cross-platform major titles typically are lead by Xbox 360 sales, such as Modern Warfare 2.

According to Electronic Entertainment Design and Research Analyst, Jesse Divnich: “With Batman, the evidence is clear, getting exclusivity on content can play a large role in driving sales to your console,” he stated in an interview with IGN. “In fact, if you calculate the additional sales the PS3 version received, extrapolate that worldwide, Sony likely generated an additional $2 million in royalty revenue from this exclusive content.”

He also notes that the only multi-platform title that’s close between the two systems is Street Fighter IV, and cites that the PS3 controller is much friendlier for fighting games as a likely reason, but says the Xbox 360 version is still in the lead.

Batman: Arkham Asylum features PS3 exclusives such as “Play as Joker” and exclusive DLC “Prey in the Darkness”.