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Borderlands List of Challenges

A complete list of the challenges in Borderlands for additional experience gains.

List of Challenges

Name Description Reward
12 Days of Pandora Master the technology of Pandora 5,000 XP
Human Kill Challenges
Head Hunter Kill 50 Human Enemies 1,000 XP
Not Really a People Person Kill 250 Human Enemies 2,000 XP
Misanthrope Kill 1000 Human Enemies 5,000 XP
War Criminal Kill 2500 Human Enemies 20,000 XP
Critical Hit Kill Challenges
Lucky Shot! Kill 100 Enemies with Critical Hits 1,000 XP
Crack Shot Kill 250 Enemies with Critical Hits 2,000 XP
Don’t You Ever Miss? Kill 1000 Enemies with Critical Hits 5,000 XP
Brain Surgeon Kill 2500 Enemies with Critical Hits 20,000 XP
Combo Kill Challenges
Relentless Kill 5 enemies with no more than 7 seconds in between kills 500 XP
Chain Killer Kill 10 enemies with no more than 7 seconds in between kills 1,000 XP
Killing Spree Kill 15 enemies with no more than 7 seconds in between kills 2,000 XP
Conveyor Of Death Kill 25 enemies with no more than 7 seconds in between kills 5,000 XP
Action Skill Kill Challenges
Action Hero Kill 50 enemies using your Action Skill 1,000 XP
Beware! Mad Skills! Kill 250 enemies using your Action Skill 2,000 XP
Why do you even carry a gun? Kill 1,000 enemies using your Action Skill 5,000 XP
Your Kung Fu is Best Kill 2,500 enemies with your Action Skill 20,000 XP
Enemy Kill Challenges
Seasoned Killer Kill 500 Enemies 1,000 xp
Numb to the Voices Kill 1,000 Enemies 2,000 xp
Terror of Pandora Kill 4,000 Enemies 5,000 xp
I am become Death… Kill 10,000 Enemies 20,000 xp
Money Challenges
Pocket Change Earn 10,000 Dollars 1,000 xp
Money. It buys Happiness Earn 250,000 Dollars 2,000 xp
The Rich get Richer Earn 1,000,000 Dollars 5,000 xp
How Much For The Planet? Earn 9,999,999 Dollars 20,000 xp
Duel Challenges
Duelist Win 10 Duels 500 xp
Smack Down! Win 50 Duels 1,000 xp
Bragging Rights Win 250 Duels 2,000 xp
Invincible Win 1,000 Duels 5,000 xp
Skag Kill Challenges
Skag Slayer Kill 50 Skags 1,000 xp
SIT!STAY!PLAY DEAD! Kill 250 Skags 2,000 xp
I hate dogs Kill 1,000 Skags 5,000 xp
You are The Skagpocalypse Kill 2,500 Skags 20,000 xp
Spiderant Kill Challenges
Spiderant Slayer Kill 50 Spiderants 1,000 xp
Bug Crusher Kill 250 Spiderants 2,000 xp
I hate bugs Kill 1,000 Spiderants 5,000 xp
The Exterminator Kill 2,500 Spiderants 20,000 xp
Rakk Kill Challenges
Rakk Slayer Kill 50 Rakk 1,000 xp
If it flies, it dies Kill 250 Rakk 2,000 xp
Rakk Flak Kill 1,000 Rakk 5,000 xp
If I can’t fly, no one flies Kill 2,500 Rakk 20,000 xp
Guardian Kill Challenges
What is that thing? Kill 50 Guardian 1,000 xp
The Vault is mine Kill 250 Guardian 2,000 xp
Xenophobe Kill 1,000 Guardian 5,000 xp
Dominant species Kill 2,500 Guardian 20,000 xp
Rifle Kill Challenges
Spray and Prey Get 50 kills with Combat Rifles 1,000 xp
Size matters Get 250 kills with Combat Rifles 2,000 xp
Make Chunks Get 1,000 kills with Combat Rifles 5,000 xp
One Man Army Get 2,500 kills with Combat Rifles 20,000 xp
Pistol Kill Challenges
Draw! Get 50 kills with Pistols 1,000 xp
Size doesn’t matter Get 250 kills with Pistols 2,000 xp
No one’s laughing now Get 1,000 kills with Pistols 5,000 xp
Pistolero Get 2,500 kills with Pistols 20,000 xp
Shotgun Kill Challenges
Get off my lawn! Get 50 kills with Shotguns 1,000 xp
Taste the red mist Get 250 kills with Shotguns 2,000 xp
Instant Autopsy Get 1,000 kills with Shotguns 5,000 xp
Buckshot Legend Get 2,500 kills with Shotguns 20,000 xp
Launcher Kill Challenges
Boom Get 50 kills with Launchers 1,000 xp
BOOM Get 250 kills with Launchers 2,000 xp
KaBOOM! Get 1,000 kills with Launchers 5,000 xp
KA BOOOOOOOM!!!! Get 2,500 kills with Launchers 20,000 xp
SMG Kill Challenges
Rat a Tat! Get 50 kills with SMGs 1,000 xp
So many little holes… Get 250 kills with SMGs 2,000 xp
Bullet Hose Get 1,000 kills with SMGs 5,000 xp
Human Tsunami Get 2,500 kills with SMGs 20,000 xp
Sniper Kill Challenges
One Shot, One Kill Get 50 kills with Sniper Rifles 1,000 xp
I’ll wait back here… Get 250 kills with Sniper Rifles 2,000 xp
Brain Ventilator Get 1,000 kills with Sniper Rifles 5,000 xp
Finger of God Get 2,500 kills with Sniper Rifles 20,000 xp
Melee Kill Challenges
Punchy Get 50 kills with Melee 1,000 xp
Brawler Get 250 kills with Melee 2,000 xp
Boxer Get 1,000 kills with Melee 5,000 xp
Heavyweight Champion Get 2,500 kills with Melee 20,000 xp
Fire Kill Challenges
Hot! Too Hot! Get 50 kills with Incendiary attacks 1,000 xp
Toasty! Get 250 kills with Incendiary attacks 2,000 xp
Plays with matches Get 1,000 kills with Incendiary attacks 5,000 xp
Pyromaniac Get 2,500 kills with Incendiary attacks 20,000 xp
Shock Kill Challenges
Zap! Get 50 kills with Shock attacks 1,000 xp
Nikola is a friend of mine Get 250 kills with Shock attacks 2,000 xp
Puts forks in sockets Get 1,000 kills with Shock attacks 5,000 xp
Shocker Get 2,500 kills with Shock attacks 20,000 xp
Corrosive Kill Challenges
Chemistry Rocks! Get 50 kills with Corrosive attacks 1,000 xp
Why is the floor all gooey? Get 250 kills with Corrosive attacks 2,000 xp
Mixes household chemicals Get 1,000 kills with Corrosive attacks 5,000 xp
Chemist Get 2,500 kills with Corrosive attacks 20,000 xp
Explosive Kill Challenges
Boom goes the Dynamite! Get 50 kills with Explosive attacks 1,000 xp
Too bad about Tinnitus Get 250 kills with Explosive attacks 2,000 xp
Crosses border for fireworks Get 1,000 kills with Explosive attacks 5,000 xp
Demolitionist Get 2,500 kills with Explosive attacks 20,000 xp
Vehicle Kill Challenges
Road Rage Kill 25 Enemies with a vehicle 1,000 xp
Vehicular Manslaughter Kill 150 Enemies with a vehicle 2,000 xp
School bus Driver Kill 500 Enemies with a vehicle 5,000 xp
Hell on Wheels Kill 1,000 Enemies with a vehicle 20,000 xp
Lootable Object Challenges
What’s in here? Open 50 Lootable objects 1,000 xp
Scavenger Open 250 Lootable objects 2,000 xp
Wilderness Survivor Open 1,000 Lootable objects 5,000 xp
No stone unturned Open 5,000 Lootable objects 20,000 xp
Chest Challenges
Ooo! Shiney Open 5 Chests 1,000 xp
Treasure Hunter Open 25 Chests 2,000 xp
Swag Master Open 100 Chests 5,000 xp
Envy of Pirates Open 500 Chests 20,000 xp
Sold Item Challenges
How much for the gun? Sell 50 Items 1,000 xp
Gun runner Sell 100 Items 2,000 xp
Arms dealer Sell 400 Items 5,000 xp
Merchant of Death Sell 1,200 Items 20,000 xp
Bought Item Challenges
Impulse buyer Buy 5 Items 1,000 xp
Good Consumer Buy 50 Items 2,000 xp
I want it all! Buy 200 Items 5,000 xp
Self contained economy Buy 500 Items 20,000 xp
Shot Fired Challenges
Lots of shots Shoot 2,000 Times 1,000 xp
Keep firing Shoot 10,000 Times 2,000 xp
Who made that man a gunner? Shoot 25,000 Times 5,000 xp
I fired every bullet ever Shoot 100,000 Times 20,000 xp
Vehicle Hang Time Challenges
Hang Time Get 2 seconds of vehicle hang time 500 xp
Airborne Get 3 seconds of vehicle hang time 1,000 xp
This is not a flight simulator Get 4 seconds of vehicle hang time 2,000 xp
Orbit Achieved Get 5 seconds of vehicle hang time 5,000 xp