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Dragon Age Origins Will Release with Free DLC

Dragon Age: Origins may still be delayed (with the PS3 version will be released even later) but it’s hard to be too disappointed about a couple weeks when you will get so much more.

Bioware announced today that Dragon Age Origins will be packed with $15 worth of downloadable content (including armor that can also be used in the upcoming Mass Effect 2). The Stone Prisoner DLC will be free with new copies which allow users to add the stone Golum, Shale to their party and adds hours of gameplay with new quests, environments and items. The freebies will be available on both standard and collector’s editions.

If you’re planning on purchasing Dragon Age Origins check out different retailers for additional kickbacks.

Dragon Age: Origins will be available on November 3rd for PC and Xbox 360, and later in the month for PS3. Standard Editions will run $60 for console and $50 for PC; Collector’s Editions with three exclusive downloadable items (that will provide special advantages) will go for $75 consoles, $65 PC.