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Dragon Age: Origins Won’t Have Multiplayer

Bioware confirmed suspicions and announced that Dragon Age: Origins will not have a multiplayer mode.

As a consolation for all of those broken hearts, they also announced that there would be a ton of DLC for the game. According to co-founder Ray Muzkya, "There’s a ton of downloadable content planned, and also the user content generation tool is going to release. So user-generated content, at least on PC – we’ll explore whether it’s feasible on the console systems – will be shared with other players and fans. There’s also servicing of your Achievements and what you’ve done in the game; that’ll be true on all the systems."

Dragon Age: Origins is supposed to have a combination of elements from games "Neverwinter Nights" and "Baldur’s Gate". So far it has a scheduled release date of 12/19/2009.