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EMC Hard Drives

EMC Hard Drives

EMC is an enterprise storage solution provider with a focus on hard drive based storage arrays. EMC has a long list of hard drives they’ve produced over the years for their CX, CX3, CX4, and VNX series storage arrays. From fibre channel (FC) to SATA to SSD hard drives, EMC storage systems have been a driving force behind the storage industry.

With older EMC storage systems, it can often be difficult to find replacement parts when EMC no longer supports those systems. EMC has a relatively short life cycle for a lot of their hard drives. They often have numerous revisions over the course of a few years for the same size, speed, and interface of a particular hard drive. While the different revisions for similar drives are all interchangeable, they often create confusion in the marketplace. EMC uses a two part number system. They have their generic part numbers such as CX-SA07-010, which is a 1TB 7200 RPM SATA drive for their CX series storage arrays. That generic part number also has more specific part numbers for the different revisions it has gone through. For the specific part numbers we know of for the CX-SA07-010, there are 4 revisions (though there could be more), 005049542, 005049238, 005048797 & 005048829.

To make sense of the different drives and part numbers out there, we’ve compiled this relatively short list of EMC hard drives for help with finding the correct part.

EMC SATA Hard Drives

EMC FC Hard Drives

EMC SSD Hard Drives