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Final Fantasy XIII 70 Percent Done for Xbox 90 Percent for Playstation in Japan

Producer Yoshinori Kitase estimates that the version of the upcoming Final Fantasy 13 is about 70% done for the Xbox 360. The game is running on the system but has yet to begin the debugging procses. The Japanese version for the Playstation is estimated to be about 90% done, allowing them to begin to wrap it up and focus on overseas versions.

The Xbox 360 version will likely be on 3 discs. In comparison, Square Enix’s Lost Odyssey shipped on four dual layer DVDs in 2008.

The voice work for the English version has been completed. The voice dubbing is not yet available on the new level of demos due to lip syncing detailing that has yet to be completed.

Final Fantasy XIII was previously a PS3 exclusive, but (as you can see) the English version will now be made for the Xbox 360 as well. Final Fantasy XIII was originally expected to be released Fall 2009, but it was announced at E3 2009 that it would be available in Spring 2010 worldwide.