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Gap Between Independent iPhone Game Developers and Big Name Publishers to Widen

The market for games for Apple’s iPhone ap store is growing by leaps and bounds. Developers big and small are trying to get a piece, which may eventually lead to the squeezing out of independent game developers.
According to analytics company Mobclix there are 13,732 game applications available on the App store and 25-50 new games added every day.

While names like Ngmoco and Tapulous have become well known and popular, partially due to their ability to get capital, others may not be able to get a chunk of the App Store game glory with big names like id Software, EA, SEGA, and others making the gold rush to mobile gaming. With 80% of the apps charging and only an estimated 23.3% of apps are free, there is a lot of money earning potential. 19% of people surveyed say they play games on their iPhone EVERY day, and only 34% of users surveyed say they never play games.

Experts say that the gap between independent developers and big name publishers is not that wide at this time, but as major game publishers view the iPhone as the next gaming platform they will begin dumping millions into game development for it.