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Google Android’s Next Stop – Your Living Room

Google’s Android operating system is spreading rapidly in the mobile phone world, and apparently is ready to make the jump into your television. Literally. It has been revealed that Google is working with Sony, Intel, and Logitech on creating a new Bravia TV with an Intel Atom processor (probably the Atom CE4100), Android OS, and a QWERTY remote. The latest evolution for television is said to be code-named “Dragonpoint”.

The super combination would allow for a more interactive experience with the television with advanced television guides, personal content libraries, and search capabilities, and would hopefully add more internet content to televisions such as streaming media of Pandora, YouTube or Netflix, and run widgets.

The collaborative efforts between Google, Sony, Intel and Logitech are also expected to expand to Sony’s Blu-ray players.

More information will be revealed during Google’s I/O event taking place May 19th-20th.


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