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Lead Zombies in PSP Mini, Zombie Tycoon

Zombie games have been a big thing as of late, but most focus on defeating a horde of zombies instead of leading a horde of zombies. The tables turn with new PSP Mini, Zombie Tycoon. Players will lead a horde of hilarious zombies on a quest to achieve world domination: zombie style.

Official Description:

Zombie Tycoon provides you with control over three hilarious zombie squads,

with a unique tale of intrigue and betrayal,

with over 100 quirky items for your zombie horde,

with 10 challenging and puzzle-filled cities

and with a solid combat system allowing you to attack humans AND the places they call home.

This PSP Mini title will be available October 30th, in time for Halloween, on the Playstation Network for $7.99.