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LG To Release OLED Display In 2012

LG has recently stated that they plan to have a 30 inch class OLED display on the market by 2012. This news was recently confirmed by LG CEO Kwon Young Soo at a recent conference. 

OLED technology is still a cutting edge technology that is superior to our current LCD displays. OLED offers better color, and improved black levels. Perhaps the biggest improvement is the lack of motion blurring when viewing sports, or video games.

Samsung has been developing OLED technology for use in cell phones, but LG has been more focused on the benefits OLED offers for television, and believes the technology gets better the bigger the screen size.  

Sony has previously released an 11 inch screen for sale to the general public, but due to a high price point it has yet to take off. If LG can produce a 30 inch class size TV, at a fairly reasonable price there will surely be a reason to replace that brand new LCD you just purchased.