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Mortal Online Released June 9, 2010

Mortal Online was officially released today.  The game itself cannot be purchased yet at retail stores but is available in a boxed version or digital download only.  Prices are still advertised in Euros only and there is a nice discount for purchasing the digital download only version versus the boxed product.

There is a special edition listed on their website also but is flagged as unavailable.  The special edition is limited to 999 copies and has some interesting packaging including a loot bag with leather drawstring.  It also contains a collectors Tindremic Draconigena Knight metal figurine.

Mortal Online is made by the original developers of Ultima Online and holds true to the open real world experience you’d expect from these developers.  There are no PvP zones, the whole world is open to PvP.  The game is also similar to Darkfall Online in that your personal skills with a keyboard and mouse come into play as you have to actually aim at what you want to hit.  There is no auto-targeting system like most MMORPGs people are familiar with. 

There are many things to do in this realistic world, such as build houses, towns, keeps, etc.  You can be a crafter and create items for sale or follow the path of the warrior.  Everything is skill based, so the more you use a skill, the more your skill level will raise and the better your character will be at it. 

Mortal Online is still being developed despite being released.  Expect the world to continue to be improved.