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MW2 “Javelin” Glitch Exploiters Banned on Xbox, Not on PSN

While Infinity Ward is working on a fix for the exploited “Javelin” Glitch, Xbox Live policy director Stephen Toulouse stated that those caught exploiting the glitch in the game will face bans of 24 hours of more. PSN users can breathe a sigh of relief as a Sony representative stated, “I don’t believe we are banning people for using the glitch.”

The Javelin glitch exploits use of the game’s grenade/rocket/missile launchers causing players to explode when they die, taking out people around them. If you’ve been playing MW2 and have seen a player careening around the map sprinting, jumping, knifing, (nothing out the ordinary) and ultimately exploding as they die (not something you see every day), you’ve experienced the Javelin glitch. Despite the name, the glitch works with all of the launchers in the game. Details on HOW to use the Javelin glitch are being kept locked up to keep griefers from having a field day.

According to Robert Bowling, the glitch fix in test was successful and once it’s clear they will push it through Sony and Microsoft certifications to update the consoles as soon as possible. The PC version of the game will get the fix immediately after it’s finalized.












If you’re REALLY curious about how to exploit the glitch (NOT RECOMMENDED FOR XBOX 360 USERS! WE CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF YOU GET BANNED FOR EXPLOITING THE GLITCH), this was found with a corresponding video on YouTube.

For PC and PS3 users-
1. Have javelin (or other launcher) in your hands
2. Hold down grenade button (semtex or throwing knife)
3. While still holding grenade, hit your switch weapons button
4. Now your launcher should be back in your hands and you can let go of the grenade button
5. You are ready to explode, you can knife, sprint, and jump, but anything else you do cancels it and the process has to be repeated.