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PS3 To Get Dante’s Inferno Divine Edition

February’s release of Dante’s Inferno will bring goodies to those who buy it for PS3. The PS3 version, dubbed the Divine Edition, will retail for the same $60 as the Xbox 360 version, but will come with a boatload of free stuff.

The “Divine Edition” includes:

  • Dark Forest DLC pack free (available March)
  • Wayne Barlowe Digital Art Book
  • Developer Documentary
  • Digital copy of the Longfellow translation of Dante’s Inferno
  • 20-song soundtrack
  • Custom Divine Edition packaging


Dante’s Inferno is a singleplayer, third-person action/adventure game based loosely on the poem, Inferno, the first part in Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy. Gameplay has been likened to that of God of War. Players play as protaganist Dante, as he navigates through the Nine Circles of Hell to rescue his beloved. Dante’s Inferno will be available for PS3, PSP, and Xbox 360 on February 9, 2010 and retail for $59.99. Pre-ordering from Gamestop can net you a collectible Dante Figurine.

The beta is currently available for PS3; Xbox 360 users will have to wait until Christmas Eve to open their version of the beta.