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Sony Brags Motion Tech “Generations” Ahead of Wiimote

After announcing the technology at E3, Sony has been busy patenting its technology. Its first debut as a Motion Controller left critics and analysts a little disappointed. The reports of new features for the Playstation Eye Camera, though, caught a little more interest.

With the Playstation Eye Camera players will be able to use any object as a "controller". The system apparently will be able to use any real-world object in similar ways. It can also save these objects to profiles in order to use them later on.

Another interesting feature of the Playstation Eye Camera will be facial recognition. It will be able to recognize different features on faces, including noses and eyes, will be able to tell gender, and recognize facial expressions.The camera itself features four microphones, two zoom levels, and the ability to capture video (up to 120fps).

According to an interview with Eurogamer, Kash Hirani, head of developer services, and Paul Holman, SCEE’s vice president of R&D; "What most people are really surprised about is the precision," said Hirani. "The army has had this sort of technology for a long time… but when you see a consumer space device with this level of accuracy – that’s when developers say, ‘Wow.’" When asked about whether it’s more precise than devices currently on the market such as the Wii remote, Holman stated, "It’s another generation forward, or even a couple of generations."