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Sony Firmware Update Available Today, Marking PS3’s Third Anniversary

The recently announced Playstation Firmware update 3.10 will be availabe today, in time to celebrate the Playstation 3’s Third Anniversary. The firmware update will bring Facebook integration, updates to PSN cards, and better photo management. By linking Playstation Networks accounts with Facebook, users will have the option of letting their PS3 update their Facebook news feed with trophy and Playstation Store activity. Additionally, developers will be able to set criteria in their titles to publish additional game information to the feed.

It seems like the Playstation 3 has been around forever. Three years and hundreds of dollars cheaper today, the system is becoming very exciting. The Sony Playstation 3 placed a winning bet on Blu-ray during the format war between that and HD DVD, making it the only current system with HD capabilities. This year lead to the introduction of the next PS3 console, dubbed the PS3 Slim. Paired with a $100 price drop, the lighter, smaller, more powerful the PS3 Slim has really kicked the PS3 brand into gear, topping sales charts in September. The PS3 also recently got Netflix in the form of a streaming Blu-ray disc.

The Playstation 3 is available for $299 (120GB model).