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Star Trek Online Gets Firm Release Date

It was previously announced that Star Trek Online would see a Q1 2010 release, which has seemingly been confirmed by listings on Amazon and GameStop of February 2, 2010. [update: This has been confirmed by Cryptic, as well as a February 5, 2010 release date in Europe]

The space age MMORPG is currently in closed beta that will eventually phase into an open beta at an undisclosed stardate.

Pre-order bonuses for Amazon include access to the open beta (when available) and a Borg Bridge Officer. Pre-order with GameStop and receive a Starfleet Constitution Class Starship. This unique, upgradable starship comes equipped with blue phasers and an extra engineering station mod slot.

The game will run $49.99, require a monthly subscription, and will be available for PC, February 2, 2010.