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Starcraft 2 May Get “LAN-Like” Solution

All of the SC enthusiasts who were up in arms about the lack of LAN support can lower their hackles…a little. Blizzard stated during Blizzcon that they were looking into working on a LAN-like solution while still being connected to developer Greg Canessa told Shacknews during the event that Blizzard was looking into a way to bring a LAN-like experience to users providing low ping peer-to-peer play while still being connected through When asked whether that would be some sort of “pseudo-LAN” where it switches from an initial connection for authorization to a standard LAN connection, Canessa replied “”Something like that. Maintaining a connection with, I don’t know if it’s once or periodically, but then also having a peer-to-peer connection between players to facilitate a very low-ping, high-bandwidth connection… those are the things that we’re working on.”