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Total Access to Gain Video Games

Blockbusters "Total Access" gains video games to compete directly with Netflix’s Gamefly.

They will do a test run of the program with a select group of Total Access subscribers in 2Q, and make it available publicly by the end of the year. The pilot program will offer games for the major console systems, Wii, PS2, PS3, Xbox and Xbox 360.

Bob Barr, vice president and gm of stated: "We already rent more video games than any other company, store-based or online, in the nation, so we know our core customer loves games as well as movies. Plus, according to their plan, they’ll continue to be able to exchange their by-mail rentals both for free in-store movies as well as half-price in-store game rentals."

There has been no official announcement on the cost of this extra service but it is estimated that it will only tack on $5 to the monthly fee.