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WoW Censored in China

After 50 days of suspension, intense scrutiny by government regulators, and the transition to a new operator, WoW is back online in beta form.

Seasoned WoW users may notice a difference between the regular version and the new REGULATED version. First being the lack of bones. Skeletons and characters with bones showing are no more. Skeletons have now magically turned into bags of sand! They will also notice a lack of blood; red colored blood that is. Blood in the game has been turned black. Icons that in the past featured blood or severed heads are now just simple boxes.

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Partially suspect in the new censorship and internet crackdown is China’s lack of a rating system for games.

Of World of Warcraft’s 10 million users worldwide roughly 30% of them are from China. Blizzard terminated its partnership with game operator The9 in April and will be moving forward with Game operation in China since the transition has been suspended.