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WoW Character Race Changer Now Available

Blizzard launched a new service yesterday that allows World of Warcraft players to change the race of their characters. The change will cost $25, and can only be done on an inter-faction basis. Horde has to stay Horde and Alliance has to stay Alliance. These changes take effect immediately, and can be done every three days.

The official patch notes:

The Race Change service lets you change a character’s race to another race within their faction. The full range of customization options offered by the Character Re-Customization service is included as well. Each race change costs $25.00 USD. Things to know before you start:

  • Under normal conditions, a race change should be ready immediately after rendering payment and completing the steps in this process.
  • You can select a new character race only from those in the same faction that have the character’s class available. You cannot change a character’s class.
  • A character’s current home city reputation level will switch values with their new home city, and their home city racial mounts will convert to those of their new race. Refer to the Race Change Translation Table for more details.
  • A realm transfer is not included in a race change.
  • A character can change races once every 3 days.