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YikeBike, Electric Folding Bike

You live in Britain and you’re horribly tired. In fact you’re too tired to walk or pedal an actual bicycle. What do you do? You need a YikeBike! The YikeBike is a folding, electric “mini-farthing” bike.

The YikeBike may be a little hefty to lug around, even with its carbon composite frame, with you on your shopping day at 9.8kg (21 lbs), but it gets you where you’re going quickly; accelerating rapidly to an electronically limited 20km/ph (about 12mph). It’s good for a distance of 10km and only takes 30 minutes to charge with a LiFePO4 battery. It supports up to 100kg (220 lbs) and people 163cm-193cm tall (roughly 5′-6′). Folded dimensions of the YikeBike are 50mm by 600mm by 600mm


The YikeBike features a more natural, upright, side-handlebar steering system which allows the rider to see clearly. It even comes with a leather super comfort seat. The bike also features LED lights and signal lights. Supposedly with a bit of practice, folding the bicycle will take 15 seconds.

The only color the YikeBike is available in is Carbon Fibre Black, but more colors may be available in the future.This cute little thing will set you back €3,500 and €3,900. You can reserve yours today for €100.00 deposit.