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Sony Announces Firmware Update, Facebook Integration

Sony announced a firmware update 3.10 for the Playstation 3 that would include Facebook integration. By linking Playstation Networks accounts with Facebook, users will have the option of letting their PS3 update their Facebook news feed with trophy and Playstation Store activity. Additionally, developers will

Facebook Integration Confirmed for PS3

Sony has confirmed that shots leaked yesterday of Facebook integration are indeed real. Speaking with CVG, Sony stated that “We’ll have more info on this very shortly.” Other screenshots showed new colors and options for Playstation Network Gamercards, and also enhanced photobrowsing. This move should

iPhone Bejeweled 2 Gets Blitz Update

PopCap’s iPhone game Bejeweled 2 will be getting a feature that many people have enjoyed on Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook: the ability to compete against friends in a Bejeweled Blitz! Players have one minute to rack up as many points as they can for bragging

EA Joins Facebook World With Spore Islands

Facebook users can now play EA’s first Facebook game, Spore Island. Players familiar with the Spore franchise, will experience it in a new way on Facebook by competing against each other. Players will choose their own island to live on, create creatures and evolve them,

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Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Will Enter Beta Soon

Xbox 360 owners wishing for Facebook, Twitter, and on their Dashboard might get the chance to see what’s in store for them with a beta of the new Dashboard update available sometime this month. Microsoft announced the update at E3 09, promising a 2009