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Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Will Enter Beta Soon

Xbox 360 owners wishing for Facebook, Twitter, and on their Dashboard might get the chance to see what’s in store for them with a beta of the new Dashboard update available sometime this month. Microsoft announced the update at E3 09, promising a 2009 release. It seems they are on schedule, with expectations that they will publicly announce a beta for the middle to the end of October, and rumors that it will see full release in November.

According to Microsoft’s Scott Austin, director of digital games at Live, Facebook, like Twitter and Last.FM are an important part of the New Xbox Experience. The Facebook experience is similar to the one on computers. Users will be able to see news feeds, check out profiles and read/write messages. Users will also be able to update their status on Facebook which be marked with the Xbox symbol. Austin noted that videos and Facebook apps or games are not yet a part of the service that will be available on the 360, but that it was something Microsoft was “looking at.”

The user-interface menu may also see a facelift with the new update. “The new Xbox experience interface is what you are going to see for the foreseeable future,” he said. “Its design allows us to contract and expand.”