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Pre-2009 PS3’s Locked Down Globally

Sony Playstation 3’s worldwide have been locked down, rendering them unable to connect to the Playstation Network, making them lose all online capabilities. Reports state that an error code “8001050F” with a message that it cannot load trophies pops up during the load process. Some

Happy Holiday Gaming Deals

In the true spirit of Christmas many of our favorite gaming haunts are offering stupendous deals! If you’re in the Midwest area like we are you might need a cheap game to keep you occupied while this massive snowstorm keeps you indoors. Steam Weekly and

PSP Digital Comics Officially Launches Today!

The Digital Comics Reader added to the Playstation network for PSP systems officially launches today. The application, located under the Extras icon on the XMB, will allow users to choose from hundreds of titles, some of which are free, from Marvel, Disney, and IDW Publishing.

Sony Announces Firmware Update, Facebook Integration

Sony announced a firmware update 3.10 for the Playstation 3 that would include Facebook integration. By linking Playstation Networks accounts with Facebook, users will have the option of letting their PS3 update their Facebook news feed with trophy and Playstation Store activity. Additionally, developers will

Netflix Instant Watch Coming to PS3, Support HD Streaming

Netflix officially announced a partnership with Sony to bring its “watch instantly” service to the Playstation 3. The service is expected to begin next month and will come at no extra cost to existing Netflix customers. “The PlayStation 3 system has always been about more

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Sony Announces 250GB PS3 Slim for $349

Sony has announced in a press release October 15th, that following the success of their 120GB PS3 Slim, they will be releasing a 250GB version for $349. The bigger, badder PS3 Slim will be available starting November 3rd. The 120GB PS3 Slim, which became available

Playstation Network Downloads Available on Amazon

Online retail giant Amazon will now have offer Playstation Network access codes for downloadable content and games for the PS3 and PSP. Available today, Amazon has expanded their Playstation 3 section with PSN content, similar to what they have already done with the Xbox Live