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PSP Digital Comics Officially Launches Today!

The Digital Comics Reader added to the Playstation network for PSP systems officially launches today. The application, located under the Extras icon on the XMB, will allow users to choose from hundreds of titles, some of which are free, from Marvel, Disney, and IDW Publishing.

Playstation Network Downloads Available on Amazon

Online retail giant Amazon will now have offer Playstation Network access codes for downloadable content and games for the PS3 and PSP. Available today, Amazon has expanded their Playstation 3 section with PSN content, similar to what they have already done with the Xbox Live

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PSP Go Boycotted by Major Dutch Retailer

The PSP Go will be hitting shelves all over the world on October 1st, except at major Dutch retailer Nedgame. They have told Eurogamer that they will not be stocking and selling the PSP Go. But why? Nedgame pointed out there is little incentive for

Wii Accessories, DSi, Get New Holiday Colors

Nintendo announced the Wii remote will be available in black for the holiday season. The DSi will also be getting two new colors, white, and hot pink, here in America. The Wiimote, nunchuk and new Motionplug accessory will all be available in black this Fall.

PSPgo: Green Gaming Solution?

Though the PSPgo is facing controversy pending its October 1st release next week, many are applauding Sony’s efforts for an environmentally friendly gaming device. The PSPgo is the smallest PSP to date, and will fit easily in one’s pocket. Its slide open design allows for

Maptor, The Map Projector

Perhaps your GPS device is bulky and impractical. The GPS on your phone is slow, innacurate (or not available). What do you do!? Maptor has the answer! This portable map projector has a built in GPS (complete with little red “You are Here” arrow). Maptor