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Maptor, The Map Projector

Perhaps your GPS device is bulky and impractical. The GPS on your phone is slow, innacurate (or not available). What do you do!? Maptor has the answer! This portable map projector has a built in GPS (complete with little red “You are Here” arrow).

Maptor projects maps on any flat surface (including your hand). Touchpad buttons on the device allow you to zoom in/out and expand/reduce the size of the projected map. It also has Bluetooth connectivity to download maps.

On top of all that, Maptor is made out of biodegradable plastic (PLA).


The device is supposed to be perfect for travellers and tourists alike.


More details are seemingly unavailable at this time including what kind of batteries it takes, battery life, and pricing and availability.


Designed by Jin-Sun Park and Seon-keun Park.