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God of War Collection Will Ship on November 17

Sony announced today that the God of War Collection will be shipping on November 17th. This collection bundles God of War, God of War II and a download code for the demo of God of War III for the Playstation 3. God of War III

Order of War Gets One Month Anniversary Free DLC

Square Enix’s Order of War will be getting free DLC on today the day of its one month anniversary. The World War II strategy game will be getting all of the exlusive pre-order items including: Heavy Bomber Squadrons – Addition of German Arado and Allied

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Dawn of War 2 Expansion Announced

THQ announced a new expansion for Dawn of War 2 called Chaos Rising. There will be twenty new missions starring the Blood Ravens and the level cap will be raised to 30. There will also be new war-gear including powerful Chaos-tainted items which will have

God of War I, II Coming to PS3

Preceding the release of new God of War III, Sony has announced that God of War I & II will be ported to the PS3. God of War I & II were originally available for the PS2. They will be updated to run in 720p

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Dawn of War II “There is Only War” Update Today

Dawn of War II’s largest update “There is Only War” is available today. The update will add eight new maps, changes to balance in the game, and an “observer” mode for match spectating. Lengthy release notes can be found here:

Dawn of War II Beta Worldwide Release

As of January 27th, Relic’s Warhammer 40K Dawn of War II multiplayer beta is available for the public to download. The beta will feature five multiplayer maps, and all four of the game’s races (Space Marines, Orks, Eldar, and the new Tyranids).You can find the

PS3 will be $299 in April, analysts say

Could the days of the $400 Playstation 3 be numbered? So says financial analyst Michael Pachter, who predicted this week that Sony will trim the price of its cheapest Playstation 3 pack to a “more affordable” $299 in April, and that an Xbox 360 price