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Dawn of War 2 Expansion Announced

THQ announced a new expansion for Dawn of War 2 called Chaos Rising. There will be twenty new missions starring the Blood Ravens and the level cap will be raised to 30. There will also be new war-gear including powerful Chaos-tainted items which will have a high risk for negative consequences. Chaos Space Marines will be made available in multiplayer mode and mutliplayer mode will get new maps and options.

“Dawn of War II took intimate brutality to another level and introduced RPG-RTS hybrid gameplay,” said Relic general manager Jonathan Dowdeswell in a press statement. “The epic struggle between Space Marines and the forces of Chaos lets us take those two game-play elements and create an even more intense experience – this time, the battle is personal.”

The expansion is due out in Spring of 2010. A co-op survival mode “The Last Stand” will be out in October.