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Batman Arkham Asylum 2 Might Have Boy Wonder

Rumor has it that Batman’s Boy Wonder will be making an appearance in the sequel to last year’s hit, Batman Arkham Asylum. According to IMDB’s initial listing for Batman: Arkham Asylum II Vincent Martella is listed as doing the voice for Robin. Vincent Martella played Greg in 2005-2009’s Everybody Hates Chris and is listed as the voice of Young Jason Todd/Robin in upcoming Batman: Under the Red Hood.

When asked about the IMDB listing by Kotaku, Warner Bros. reps responded with, “To our knowledge, what you asked about is inaccurate information. We are not yet discussing details for the sequel.”

Batman Arkham Asylum 2 was announced with a teaser trailer at Spike’s Video Game Awards. The game will supposedly take place outside of Arkham Asylum in the streets, alleys and undergrounds of Gotham City itself and may feature return badguy and Batman arch-nemesis The Joker, and Two-Face.

According to a breakdown of the trailer by MTV Multiplayer, other probable villains may include:

Black Mask (AKA Roman Sionis)
Batman’s go-to gangster villain was one of the clues in the first game (his mask was hiding in the doctor’s office), but the giant Sionis sign seen in the trailer seems to imply that he’ll play a much bigger role this time around.

The Iceberg Lounge, the Penguin’s Antarctic-themed restuarant, is seen as the trailer zooms through the streets of Gotham. Expect Chester Cobblepot to make a healthy showing.

Killer Croc, Scarecrow or Bane?
The end of “Arkham Asylum” featured a teaser showing one of these three baddies reaching out of the murky depths to grab on to a box of the super Titan juice. The ending changed depending on your performance, but Rocksteady definitely left things open for any or all of these fine fellows to return.


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