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Destiny Story Missions, Strike Missions, and Mission Modifiers Guide

Most Story Missions have a level requirement, a reward, and maximum number of participants for a Fireteam. Missions can be replayed at higher difficulty for greater rewards.


Destiny Missions on Earth

Title Objective Level Perks/Rewards Notes/Tips
A Guardian Rises Tutorial mission in Old Russia  – guardian awakens, meets Ghost who leads into the Breach, through The Divide then head to the Tower 1 Primary weapon Khostov 7G-02, random special weapon from a Loot chest, Arcadia-class Jumpship 4 Dead Ghosts can be found
Restoration Head back to Old Russia to secure a Warp Drive for your ship. 2 1800 XP (Hard mode 2200 XP) 1 Dead Ghost, 1 Gold Chest
The Dark Within In the Cosmodrome, investigate reports of hidden power trapped in Array stations. Opens up Skywatch, introduces Hive race. 3 XP 3 Dead Ghosts, 1 Gold Chest 
The Warmind In Old Russia break the House of Devil’s grasp on the Cosmodrome and secure a link to the Golden Age. 4 XP 4 Dead Ghosts, 2 Gold Chests 
The Last Array In Old Russia, the guardian must track down codes to raise an Array and connect it to long-lost colonies throughout the solar system. This should unlock The Moon. 5 1800 XP, Heavy Weapon Upgrade (Hard mode 2200 XP) 1 Dead Ghost


Destiny Missions on the Moon

Title Objective Level Perks/Rewards Note/Tips
The Dark Beyond Follow the trail of a dark Guardian to the Hive Fortress in Ocean of Storms, Moon.  6 2000 XP, Special Weapon Upgrade (Hard mode 2400 XP) 3 Dead Ghosts
The Sword of Crota Guardians must infiltrate Hive Fortress and destroy the Sword of Crota.  7 XP, Armor Upgrade 2 Dead Ghosts, 1 Gold Chest
The World’s Grave Cryptarch mission going down into the Hellmouth to find a Hive library.  7 XP, Cryptarch Engram, Cryptarch Reputation 2 Dead Ghosts, 2 Gold Chests
Shrine of Oryx Find the Shrine of Oryx within the Hellmouth and destroy it. 8 2000 XP, Primary Weapon Upgrade 1 Dead Ghost
Chamber of Night Find and stop a ritual that is draining the energy of The Traveler. 8 2000 XP 1 Dead Ghost, 1 Gold Chest