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Dragon Age: Origins Pre-Order Bonuses By Retailer

If you haven’t pre-ordered Dragon Age: Origins yet, and not sure which retailer to pre-order from, these exclusive items may help you to make up your mind. According to some research by Joystiq, most retailers (except Amazon) are offering the Memory Ring in-game item, which adds 1 percent to XP growth and also bestows players with an additional skill point.

  • GameStop: Feral Wolf Charm – Gives bonuses to armor and health regeneration
  • Amazon: Lion’s Paw Boots – “Adds to armor, dodge, and evading missiles.” Amazon is also offering a $10 gift card for pre-ordering the standard edition
  • Steam: The Wicked Oath – A ring, adds 10% to critical strike damage, improves armor penetration by 2 and adds +1 to combat stamina regeneration

These bonuses are available for both the Collector’s Edition and most Digital Deluxe Editions.

Dragon Age: Origins ships November 3rd for Xbox 360, PC, and November 17th for PS3.