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Dungeons and Dragons Online Sees 40% Subscription Increase Since Free-To-Play

Since going to a free-to-play model, Dungeons & Dragons Online has seen a 40% increase in subscriptions; doubling internal expectations. The free-to-play model is supported by premium subscriptions and microtransactions and went live at the end of the summer.

“[Free players] get to try the game, not be constrained by a one-week trial, and then decide when they’ve made the commitment that they’re engaged enough that they’re ready to spend money,” executive producer Fernando Paiz told the site.

Free accounts are limited by races, classes, and quests, but VIP accounts can be purchased for $15/mo subscriptions, and items, equipment, buffs and cosmetic options are on sale to all.

“We have a good chunk of the population that is spending more than $15 a month,” said Paiz. “The traditional subscription model can only make X dollars off a player. This kind of removes that cap.”