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European Aion Players Denied Queue Entrance, Personal Shops Get Time Limits

Aion released in the Europe on Friday, and many players were greeted with messages of “You cannot connect to the server because there are too many users right now.” during peak playing times. While many North American players faced hours of wait time in the queue, others weren’t even so lucky.

NCsoft admitted “we are aware of the longer than usual queue times that players have experienced on some of the servers. This is due to the initial rush of players that we’ve seen in the early days of the game’s launch in Europe and North America.” and announced yesterday that they were introducing two new servers (named Deltras and Kahrun). They will be working on implementing the ability to transfer characters from one server to another (a task that is expected to be completed in a couple months).

Last Friday changes were implemented to prevent players from abusing the shop system in the game. Since the North American release, more and more players were exploiting the system by putting up items for sale (making them a “personal shop”) at ridiculous prices in order to go AFK for long periods of time and not be disconnected. NCsoft has now set a 30 minute limit on personal shops, which should help the wait for people trying to get into the game.

NCsoft’s Aion is available for PC $49.99.