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Latest PS3 Runs Cheaper, Cooler Due to 40nm GPU

The latest manufactured Playstation 3’s will use less energy, therefore running cheaper and run cooler. The new model, codenamed CECH-2100A will use a 40nm graphics chip instead of the 65nm of the older CECH-2000A models. The use of the 40nm chip makes the PS3 cheaper for Sony to manufacture, and PS3 owners might notice their console sucking less power.

A Japanese website, PocketNews, provided a breakdown of power usage on the 2100A vs the 2000A:

Model name: CECH-2000A CECH-2100A
XMB Menu (Still wallpapers) 76W 
XMB Menu (Main Theme) 83-86W 
FFXIII game event scene 
96-107W 78-83W
FFXIII game menu   83-84W 74W
BD playback   
88-91W 77-78W
Power Off (Remote Play Stand-by) 9W 9W

(Note: Those still running an original 60GB PS3 use 160W playing a Blu-ray!)

Reducing the size will also make it less likely that units will overheat, which has been a concern and issue in the past. Other changes in the 2100A model include a simplified heatsink and a new, lighter power supply which weighs 412g, 30g less than the previous model.

Since its inception, Sony has never been able to make money on the Playstation 3 consoles themselves. With the redesign of the console with the PS3 Slim, Sony was able to close the gap between cost and price (even with the $100 price drop). By using cheaper technology in the latest 2100A model of the PS3 Slim, Sony may actually make a profit on the console.


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