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Left 4 Dead Crash Course Available Today, Full Game 50% off on Steam

Left 4 Dead’s “Crash Course” DLC released this morning free for the PC and 560 MS points ($7) for Xbox 360 users. Earlier this morning the price of the DLC was incorrectly listed for 800 MS points. It was corrected later in the day, but the description says “no refunds” so users who purchased at the inflated price may be out of luck.

On the bright side, those who haven’t had a chance to pick up Left 4 Dead yet can do so at a reduced price on Steam. Steam is offering the zombie-shooter for 50% off it’s regular price bringing down to $14.99. This short term deal lasts until Saturday, October 2nd.

Both come right before the release of Left 4 Dead 2 which will be released November 17th. Valve stated that they will, however, still support the first game.

The new update will add(as stated for the PC patch):

  • A new campaign, “Crash Course”, is now available for play in Campaign, Versus and Survival modes
  • In Versus mode, all weapons, pills, health packs, molotovs, pipe bombs and other items will now be identical for the second round of a chapter
  • Matchmaking has had several improvements to make finding and joining games even faster
  • Ten all new “Crash Course” achievements have been added