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Red Dead Redemption Levels, Fame, Honor

Red Dead Redemption offers 50 levels for players to progress through and another 5 tiers of Legend mode. If you’ve played singleplayer mode you may have noticed gains (or losses) in your Fame and Honor. What are they and why do you want them? As with everything else in the game, there are always perks.

Legend mode is similar to the Prestige modes of other games where players keep Titles and Characters but lose everything else, starting over at Level 1. Players unlock mounts faster as they complete more Legend play.


Level XP
Unlocks Multiplayer Unlocks
Legend Mode
1 Starting Cattleman Revolver, El Senor mule, ‘Greenhorn’ title Sharpshooter I (FR) El Senor (Legend 1,2,3,4)
2 150 Repeater Carbine, ‘Dude’ title Hunter I (FR), Gang Shootout Challenge (PVP)
3 510 Throwing Knife, ‘Pilgrim’ title Survivalist I (FR)
4 1,080 Lusitano Nag horse, ‘Tenderfoot’ title Hold Your Own Challenges I (PVP) Lusitano Nag (Legend 1,2,3,4)
5 1,860 Volcanic Pistol, ‘Colt’ title Lawbringer I (FR)
6 2,850 ‘Mail-Order Cowboy’ title Shootout Challenge (PVP), Gold Rush Challenge (PVP)
7 4,050 ‘Pistol’ title Kill Streak I (PVP)
8 5,460 Winchester Repeater, Turkmen horse, ‘Short Horn’ title Turkmen (Legend 1,2,3,4)
9 7,080 Schofield Revolver, ‘Gringo’ title
10 8,910 ‘Journeyman’ title Grab The Bag I (PVP)
11 10,950 Pump Action Shotgun, ‘Cowboy’ title Outlaw I (FR) Cleveland Bay (Legend 1,2,3,4)
12 13,290 ‘Wrangler’ title Hunter II (FR), Kill Streak II (PVP)
13 15,930 Springfield Rifle, ‘Burro’ title Sharpshooter II (FR)
14 18,870 ‘Frontiersman’ title Survivalist II (FR)
15 22,110 Dynamite, ‘Gristle Heel’ title Hungarian Half-bred (Legend 2,3,4)
16 25,650 ‘Forty-niner’ title Hold Your Own Challenges II (PVP)
17 29,490 Double Action Revolver, ‘Old-timer’ title
18 33,630 Sawed Off Shotgun, ‘Long Horn’ title Lawbringer II (FR)
19 38,070 ‘Old Hand’ title Kill:Death Ratio (PVP)
20 42,810 Rolling Block Rifle, ‘Rustler’ title
21 47,850 ‘Outlaw’ title Grab the Bag II (PVP)
22 53,190 Fire Bottle, Cleveland Bay horse, ‘Gunslinger’ title Hungarian Half-bred (Legend 1)
American Standard-bred (Legend 2,3,4)
23 58,830 ‘Shootist’ title
24 64,770 Semi Automatic Pistol, ‘Quick Draw’ title
25 71,010 ‘Gun Shark’ title Outlaw II (FR)
26 77,550 Semi Auto Shotgun, ‘Badman’ title Bonzo horse (Legend 3,4)
27 84,390 ‘Long Raider’ title Trickshot (PVP)
28 91,530 Carcano Rifle, ‘Cabron’ title
29 98,970 ‘Road Agent’ title Trickshot II (PVP)
30 106,710 ‘Hold-Up Man’ title
31 114,810 ‘Bandito’ title Unstoppable I (PVP)
32 123,270 Henry Repeater, ‘Short-Trigger Man’ title
33 132,090 Hungarian Half-bred horse, ‘Hired Killer’ title Bonzo horse (Legend 2)
Buffalo (Legend 3,4)
34 141,270 ‘Mercenary’ title Revenge (PVP)
35 150,810 High Power Pistol, ‘Deputized’ title
36 160,710 ‘Ranger’ title
37 170,970 Double Barrel Shotgun, ‘Marshall’ title Albino Buffalo (Legend 4)
38 181,590 ‘Judge & Jury’ title
39 192,570 ‘El Capitan’ title
40 203,910 Bolt Action Rifle, American Standard-bred horse, ‘Colonel’ title Bonzo horse (Legend 1)
Buffalo (Legend 2)
Albino Buffalo (Legend 3)
41 215,610 ‘General’ title Lawbringer III (FR)
42 227,670 ‘El Jefe’ title Super Bull (Legend 4)
43 240,090 Evans Repeater, ‘Searcher’ title
44 252,870 ‘The Kid’ title
45 266,010 ‘The Duke’ title Heavy Weapons I (PVP)
46 279,510 Lemat Revolver, ‘The Ugly’ title
47 293,970 ‘The Bad’ title
48 307,590 ‘The Good’ title
49 322,170 Mauser Pistol, ‘The Unforgiven’ title
50 337,110 Buffalo Rifle, Bonzo riding bull, ‘The Legend’ title Pass Into Legend (FR) Buffalo (Legend 1)
Albino Buffalo (Legend 2)
Super Bull (Legend 3)
Zebra Donkey (Legend 4)

Level Tips:

* Grind Solomon’s Folly PS3 for XP
* Grind Twin Rocks on Xbox 360 for XP

Fame & Honor

Fame Honor
Rank # Req Rewards Rank #Req Rewards
Nobody Starting Rank Drifter Starting Rank
Greenhorn Increases the number of random events. People start asking you for help Desperado Eyewitnesses will only report murders
Buckaroo Costs 25% less to bribe lawmen Road Agent Shops in Thieves Landing charge half as much for items, pay more for items sold to them. When you whistle a special black horse will come.
Mercenary Doubles the amount of time you have between law attacks to two days (48 hours) Rustler Witnesses require half as much money to bribe than usual
Gunslinger Stealing horses will no longer be a crime. Free drinks at every saloon Honest Joe All jobs pay out double normal rate
Legend Your bounties are halved Peacemaker All shops charge half as much for items & pay more for items sold to them. Unlock Duster Coat Outfit
Hero You’ll be able to get away with any crime short of murder without worrying about witnesses.

Fame Tips:

*Golden Guns available from Pre-Order increase Fame with each kill

*Don the Elegant Suit and get caught cheating in poker. Disarm the opponent in a duel for +100 Fame

*Wearing a bandana will stop Fame and Honor gains

*Win a duel +50

*Ambient Challenges (helping people…or not helping) range +50 to -50


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