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Microsoft Permabanning Borderlands, Forza 3 Pirates

Bad news if you’ve been rocking Borderlands or Forza 3 on Xbox Live. These games haven’t been released yet, and Microsoft is going to permanently ban anyone caught pirating these games.

“You know, when you play a pre-release title on LIVE when I know you shouldn’t have it, it’s not hard for me to figure out,” according to the Twitter account of Stephen Toulouse, Xbox Live director of policy and enforcement. If you managed to snag a legit version from a naughty retailer, you’re safe. “Don’t worry folks, anyone who bought a copy early is ok. In general, if you got a receipt, play away. These are illegit copies we’re hitting.”

Borderlands will be available on October 20th for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and October 26th for PC. Forza 3 will be available for Xbox 360 on October 27th.