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Modern Warfare 2 PS3 Servers Coming Back Up [UPDATE]

Our favorite man of the day, Robert Bowling, tweeted that PS3 servers for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 were starting to come back up. According to Bowling, “PS3 Update: MP Servers gradually coming back online. Some users may still experience issues. Also, EU Players get Trophy patch tonight.”

The outage was caused by server overload, which was not surprising if you visited your local Best Buy, Gamestop, Target, Walmart, etc. yesterday or have seen facts and figures from its first day sales.

UPDATE: Following Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling’s tweets, it seems that it was the amount of connections at once that killed Demonware’s servers (third-party server hosting for PSN) and ultimately PSN connectivity to Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. They’re enabling 20,000 users at a time to connect. He assures us that Demonware/Sony will be working on fortifying the infrastructure until the issue is solved.

UPDATE 2: Multiplayer on PS3 is available due to a server side fix, but the party system will still not be functional until a patch is issued on Friday. Patience is a virtue.

This is a much better outlook than the Friday forecast given earlier.