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OnLive Closed Beta Finally Begins

In the first news of OnLive Beta since the end of March 2009, it has been announced that their closed beta has begun. Their cloud-based video game streaming technology has been secretly developed for the past seven years.

The service began taking beta applications back in 2009. A cloud of computers render games offsite and stream them to users computers at 60 frames per second at up to 720p resolution. All, supposedly, with negligible lag. The only bottleneck will be the users internet connection. 1.5 megabits per second will get you to standard definition, while a 5 megabit connection bumps the resolution to the max 720p.The lag is boasted at less than 1 millisecond in testing, and OnLive has been working with service providers to eliminate packet loss.

Users will require the OnLive box and pay a subscription fee. Users can then connect their box to their or use the service from their PC (or Mac). From there, users will purchase games from the library. OnLive has the support of popular publishers such as Ubisoft, Take-Two, Electronic Arts, THQ, Atari, Warner Bros., and Epic Games.

The technology will allow users to play games without having to upgrade hardware. Current games listed include popular titles such as F.E.A.R 2, Bioshock, Crysis, Prince of Persia and Unreal Tournament 3.

Full service is expected in Winter 2009, and pricing/packages are yet to be announced.