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Players Speak Out Against Modern Warfare 2, Cancel Pre-Orders

Some people may be wondering what all the hubbub is about Infinity Ward’s decision to not support dedicated servers for upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. After it let slip that there would be no dedicated support, there was a public outcry followed by a petition which currently holds nearly 145,000 votes. Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling issued an explanation on his blog, but that was not enough to appease the protesters.

So why are people protesting the new IWNet so much? It offers a matchmaking service to match up players according to skill and level, and players will not be forced to play with random others. One of the biggest features is using the Valve-Anti-Cheat feature. It’s all good, right?


The Gamestop Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Pre-order page has seen over 20 comments on boycotting the game, and cancelling pre-orders. Amazon has 30 open discussions littered with full clans cancelling their pre-orders. Here are some of those comments:

“No reason to purchase this game on PC if you are interested in Multiplayer. Without dedicated server support we will not have those long lasting great community servers we all know and love. Good luck getting 10+ players in one game to have a good reliable gaming experience. More than likely you will have latency issues galore. Just look at Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. No dedicated servers for that game and everyone lags like crazy since the hosting is done on the client machine.”

“It uses some lame matchmaking system, very much like the lousy matchmaking on the XBOX 360.”

“This essentially kills everything PC gaming is about (including Mods).”

“a decision of pre-ordering 30 copies has been taken back, thrown in toilet and flushed!”

“My clan has canceled also. 78 members, rented 2 servers just for this release now gone!!!!”

“MP will be run “console-style” where players PCs connect to one another instead of a single dedicated server. Make no mistake, this will result in higher pings and laggy gameplay.”

“No more custom maps and gametypes. People have also been speculating that IW.NET (the name of the service that is replacing dedicated servers) will be a channel for paid PC DLC. Instead of getting maps free (albeit later than our console brethren) we will now be forced to pay for them.”

“I decided not to buy it when they raised the price to 60$. I thought that was bad, but then I hear they wont have Dedicated servers and I just laughed at how awesome it was going to be when the COD community ripped Activision and IW apart.”

“20 person clan, all preorders cancelled. A patch would be ok, or even delayed release… but no dedicated servers is not ok. This is a clan killer.”

“You are also forced to pay for downloadable content every time it comes out if you want to play online. This, because IW system will conveniently point you to a game that HAS downloadable content, but because you CANT choose the servers you are stuck with it.”

“My 28 person clan has also cancelled their orders; we had been linking MW2 videos on our clan site and planning one or more dedicated servers to this game. When the fact that the game developer has decided to turn their backs on PC gamers and attempt to “consolize” this game became known over the weekend, people were very angry. I for one hope that the modders out there who have put a great deal of energy into COD4 will simply keep developing this game and forget about MW2, regardless of the graphic eye candy Infinity Ward has added to it. No more IW products for me.”

“Our 20 plus member clan is dropping them like a New Coke!”

“Just read up on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and it sounds like they will be providing the ability to use dedicated servers. Its worth waiting for and after this poor judgement call by Activision I bet EA will gladly take thw gap in the market left behind by CoD MW2”