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PS3 Could Be Top-Selling Console for September

EEDAR (Electronic Entertainment Design and Research) analyst Jesse Divnich is putting his money down on the Playstation 3 coming out on top for sales in September. He estimates that 400,000 PS3s were sold, beating out the 375,000 Wii systems sold and 370,000 Xbox 360 consoles.

This could be the first time after three years and $300 worth of price cuts along the way, that the PS3 will be top dog. Sony announced a price cut to existing Playstation 3’s and a new PS3 slim version at the end of August. The PS3 Slim launched September 1st and has sold over 1 million units.  This could be a turning point for a system that has lagged behind its 10 year predecessor the Playstation 2, and a company that has lagged behind rivals Microsoft and Nintendo. It has even been suggested that the PS3 may be in short supply this holiday season.

Though EEDAR shows the PS3 as the chart topping console for the month, their top 10 games only features one PS3 title (Batman:Arkham Asylum) and the remainder mostly going to Wii and Xbox 360.